Clutch Exclusive interview with Neil Fallon

Mischievous Mel talks with the iconic lead singer of Clutch at Las Rageous 2018
Neil Fallon of Clutch at Las Rageous

With an album on its way, some one-off shows, plus their very own festival on the horizon (the second annual ‘Earth Rocker Festival‘) Clutch just keeps grinding.

With a music carreer that spans decades, this band is not only still in the game but leading the team. We’ve had the opportunity to talk with virtually every member of Clutch in the past on camera, but at Las Rageous 2018 lead vocalist Neil Fallon took time to talk all things Clutch with us for the first time ever. We even got a peek at his ink – which he’s never shown before in a interview. If you want a peek and get your Clutch fix, tune in here

Neil Fallon from Clutch with Mischievous Mel at Las Rageous

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