Ded – the Las Rageous interview

Mischievous Mel hangs with Ded at Las Rageous
Ded Las Rageous

Straight off the tour bus and onto the mic with Mischievous Mel and Rockwell, the boys from Ded kicked off their Las Rageous experience with us! We talk tour, music and much, much more with some of our favorite people who happen to be in a band who we heart very much.  They’re also the band that had the most dominating metal performance on stage in our opinion. As I told drummer Matt Reinhard after their set “You always crush it on stage, but today you went beyond that and shattered this place into a million pieces.” So what do they have to say about this tour and beyond? LIsten in and find out. Click this link and get Ded!


Ded with Mischievous Mel at Las Rageous

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