J3T of Hollywood Undead gets raw

The unmasking of J3T of Hollywood Undead
Hollywood Undead
Hollywood Undead's J3T at Las Rageous

The Unmasking of Johnny 3 TearsHollywood Undead

“I got bit by a bum…a spider bum.”  “I have been doing different teas to help with lots of things.” “I got bit here by a friend a long time ago where this tattoo is faded.”
These are just bits and pieces of the milder topics we covered when we hung out with Johny 3 Tears (J3T)at Las Rageous. We’ve known J3T for a few years, but I must say this interview made me more speechless than any other interview ever – by ANY band. We even squeezed in some talk about music into the conversation. Do you want to know what this is all about? You know you do so take a listen here https://www.tattoo.com/blog/unmasking-johnny-3-tears-hollywood-undead/
hollywood undead

Mischievous Mel and J3T of Hollywood Undead at Las Rageous

hollywood undead

J3T of Hollywood Undead at Las Rageous

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