Las Rageous goes to new heights in 2018

Las Rageous 2018 featuring Judas Priest, 5FDP, Joyous Wolf, Saxon, New Years Day, Adelitas Way, Hollywod Undead, and more
Joyous Wolf
Nick Reese from Joyous Wolf climbs to the top of the "F" stage

The second annual Las Rageous music festival in downtown Las Vegas, NV was nothing short of spectacular.  Featuring bands such as Judas Priest, A Perfect Circle, A Day to Remember, Five Finger Death Punch, Saxon, Hollywood Undead, Ded, New Years Day, Clutch, Vyces, Otherwise, Adelitas Way, Underoath, In This Moment, and many more, Las Rageous soared to new heights in 2018.  Click this link for the recap by Mischievous Mel and Rockwell Anderson

Judas Priest

Judas Priest at Las Rageous


A Day to Remember at Las Rageous 2018

a perfect circle

A Perfect Circle at Las Rageous


Five Finger Death Punch with their new stage set up at Las Rageous


Biff from Saxon giving the universal salute

Hollywood Undead

Mischievous Mel and J3T from Hollywood Undead at Las Rageous


Festival RecapNevada Edge


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