nekrogoblikon – the monstrous interview

Mischievous Mel talks with Nekrogoblikon at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, Dallas, TX
Nekrogoblikon at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, Dallas, TX

Beneath the full moon on a salty Texas night at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill exploded the otherworldly vocals, drums, axes, and keys of Nekrogoblikon. Who is Nekrogoblikon? They are the only band that can croon about trolls and goblins in the most brutal metal sound extravaganza ever. If you have never had the experience of this band live, get ready because they are coming to a stage near you. That includes the 2018 retirement run of Vans Warp Tour. So get your tickets now and until then, here is a preview or recap of the band depending on your point of view.

When you weave a keyboard into metal and make it sounds ballsy, with a rapid fire of skin beating and power growls, you have the formula that forms the base of Nekrogoblikon. A band that takes stories of trolls and goblins and make them into a almost semi-believable experience, this band is no joke. In fact, the total opposite. I would venture to put them in the talent and technical category of Gwar. A fantastical and conceptual back story with a powerful set, you need to see this band live. Just ask the asses to elbows crowd that filled Gas Monkey Bar & Grill who pitted the night away.
Not only should you see this band live, you should scoop up the album ‘Welcome to Bonkers‘ out April 13th. Go to Nekrogoblikon to get your orders, including vinyl, in now. Until then, enjoy our interview with three of the goblins right here

John Goblikon of Nekrogoblikon on stage at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, Dallas


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