The Ash Costello – New Years Day Las Rageous interview

Mischievous Mel talks with Ash Costello of New Years Day about her engagement and much more
New Years Day
Ash Costello from New Years Day at Las Rageous

Huge congratulations to New Years Days’ Ash Costello. Not only is the band touring the world, have a new album out now (‘Diary of a Creep‘) and tearing up stages all over, but there’s even bigger news.

Sorry guys… if you had not heard already, Ash is officially off the market and recently got engaged. She and her soon to be hubby got matching tattoos that you’re about to see for yourself. So what kind? Tune in to find out. You can find out about all thing New Years Day from our interview at Las Rageous right here
Ash Costello new years day

Mischievous Mel with Ash Costello from New Years Day at Las Rageous

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