As Above So Below live in Deep Ellum

Drowning Pool guitarist CJ Pierce joins forces with brother and friends to bring fans As Above So Below
as above so below
As Above So Below

Drowning Pool guitarist and founding member CJ Pierce has been working feverishly on the next Drowning Pool album by day, but by night he’s been performing with and putting together new music for ‘As Above So Below‘ with his brother Jacob Pierce and crue.

as above so below

CJ Pierce (L) & Jacob Pierce (R) with As Above So Below

Recently, when hanging out and watching Norman from ‘As Strange As Angels‘ perform an acoustic set at a club in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX), CJ, who is a part time guitar teacher at Norman’s music school – ‘The Sound Foundation‘, got us up to speed on all things Drowning Pool, and mentioned his upcoming show with As Above So Below at The Curtain Club June 16th.  Since we missed their performance at Rocklahoma a few weeks back, we weren’t going to miss this opportunity to see them so close to home.

as above so below

As Above So Below at The Curtain Club, Dallas

So what were our thoughts after seeing them live for the first time?  First, I was impressed by how professional and “together” they were on stage.  I did expect them to be professional, but knowing that this isn’t the #1 focus for CJ, I wasn’t expecting them to perform as well on stage – not musically (because they’re all pros) – but they moved with and around each other on stage as if they’d been doing it nightly for years.  That’s what I mean by “together”.

as above so below

CJ Pierce performing with As Above So Below

How did they sound?  Tight.  Hard. Heavy. To quote them, “When looking behind the thick layers of melodies and radio–ready rock riffs you will find passionate and complex feelings and stories of struggle,betrayal and over coming.” I had heard their music before, and we’ve played some tracks on The Edge Rock Radio, but there’s no substitiute for hearing it live.  After finally getting that chance (to hear them live), I can fully endorse this band if you’re into good, heavy, and hard hitting melodic rock performed by A list caliber talent.

as above so below

Jacob Pierce with As Above So Below

Look for new music announcements and your opportunity to see them by checking them out on Facebook at


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