Diamond Head Exclusive On Camera Interview

Rockwell Anderson catches up with Diamond Head at Rocklahoma for a on camera Exclusive
Diamond Head
Diamond Head Exclusive Interview

I wasn’t sure if I should’ve laughed or cried when I heard a fan at Rocklahoma say “Diamond Head was really good.  Did you hear them cover that Metallica song?”.The song the fan was refering to was “Am I Evil”, one of four Diamond Head songs Metallica has covered, and probably the most famous of all Diamond Head songs that appears on 18 different Metallica releases (all of which credit DiamondHead).

Diamond Head

Diamond Head perfomring at Rocklahoma 2018

As much as Metallica has credited Diamond Head as being one of their biggest influences, sadly most Metallica fans haven’t gotten any of those countless memo’s.  It seriously pains me, but I knew this before I had the chance to interview founding member and lead guitarist Brian Tatler and lead vocalist Rasmus Andersen.  Diamond Head has never gotten the recognition they deserved, in my humble opinion, and the following interview, for me personally, was one of my most anticipated interviews of all time.  Please enjoy as I, Rockwell Anderson, had the distinct honor to talk with and ask questions of the legendary, and most influential metal bands of all time, DIAMOND HEAD!  Click this link to watch and listen to our interview https://www.tattoo.com/blog/exclusive-interview-diamond-head/
Diamond Head

Diamond Head founding member Brian Tatler performing at Rocklahoma 2018

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