Rock on the Range Music Festival recap

Rock on the Range music festival recap
Maynard performing with A Perfect Circle at Rock on the Range

“Hello …my name is Gary Spivack (talent buyer for DWP/Danny Wimmer Presents). Welcome to Rock On The Range!”

This year, thanks to DWP and AEG Presents, there was a record crowd of 140,000 rabid music fans running rampant on the grounds of Rock On The Range.

Rock on the Range surfer

With Kids on Harleys to various Marine Corp Challenges there was a vast plethera of events for everyone.

Harley Davidson at Rock on the Range

On site vendors, food vilage, micro brews, and Jack Daniels were all part of the fun.
VIP experiences, acoustic sets in the Zippo tent,  Fuck Cancer, fans and bands jamming in the Music Experience (hint check out Them Evils)… how could it get any better?

Them Evils represented inside The Music Experience

That question is summed up in one word – MUSIC!  With a line up that included: Maynard pulling double duty with Tool & A Perfect Circle,

Maynard with A Perfect Circle at Rock on the Range

Body Count (this set was so hot Ice T had to cool down Ernie C.,

Ernie C and Ice T from Body Count at Rock on the Range

Breaking Benjamin killing it again in support of their new album ‘Ember’,

Breaking Benjamin at Rock on the Range

Them Evils (look for our interview with one of our favorite three-somes coming soon!),

Them Evils with Mischievous Mel at Rock on the Range

Stiched Up Heart (catch our interview with the always loveable Decker coming soon!),

Mischievous Mel from The Edge Rock Radio with Decker from Stitched Up Heart at Rock on the Range

Detroit Michigan’s pride & joy Wilson,

The Pride of Detroit – Wilson at Rock on the Range

Red Sun Rising, whose bassist almost took me out by accident in the photo pit,

Red Sun Rising at Rock on the Range

Machine Gun Kelly playing for his hometown crowd, and many, many more bands rocking the 3 stages Friday through Sunday.

Machine Gun Kelly at Rock on the Range

Black Veil Brides at Rock on the Range

Godsmack at Rock on the Range

Three Days Grace at Rock on the Range

Shamans Harvest at Rock on the Range

Festival goers… if you were there you know the madness that went down. Pits, body passing, family days, and well…. a different experinece for all. And that folks is what makes a festival a festival. You can tailor your music experience, but in the end it is one major and common reason – it’s all for THE MUSIC.
Look through my eyes as I take you through a festival with Rockwell Anderson and me, Mischievous Mel. Many people want to know what it is like to interview a band and I say, as a fan, it’s a surreal experience that still keeps me pinching myself and seeing myself n the pit. Take for example Them Evils… their interview included talk about unicorns, and well… lady parts to be pc about it. To hear the NC-17 rated version tune in to the interivew.
Chatting with Decker from Stiched Up Heart was really about old freinds catching up. We talked new music, tour, and well… porn DJs. Again, for the full un-edited scoop, check out the interview.
For me, one of the coolest experiences was the Marine challenge. I got to do a gun training simulator, attempt pullups, and meet true heroes who serve our country and love music. God Bless them. This is just another way that a festival is an experience.

Marine pull up challenge at Rock on the Range

Shout out always to Fuck Cancer. They are a non-profit who grants a terminal cancer paitent a rock and roll wish come true. Festival to festival, Fuck Cancer goes above and beyond to be amazing.

Fuck Cancer side stage honorees watching Yelawolf perform

In my many foot-steps across the festival grounds, I was stoked to see wall to wall fans. It is because of the fans that shows and festivals will live on. So shout out not just to the talent on stage,​ but the fans that sold it out in record number. For those that missed out on this experience stay tuned to DWP and AEG for all thngs music updated.

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