TOOTHGRINDER rises above

TOOTHGRINDER talks with Mischievous Mel on camera at Carolina Rebellion
TOOTHGRINDER at Carolina Rebellion

New to us in 2018 and currently crushing stages everywhere, New Jersey’s finest Rock sensation, TOOTHGRINDER, I believe have a lot of similarities with All That Remains. My reasoning is that their music, like All That Remains, can crush you and seemlessly transition to a softer and melodic sound effortlessly. Combine that with a front man (Justin Matthews) that makes the crowd part of the show and a band that even though they may have smiles on their faces, are as hard core as a fist to the face. Case in point – at Carolina Rebellion Justin Matthews jumps into the crowd (the well dressed man he was) looses his chordless mic transmitter, kept going, a fan found it and passed it to Security, and the show went on. How is that for being part of the show? So, for a recap from TOOTHGRINDER’s Justin Matthews & bassist Matt Arensdorf, tune in below as they blow the top off the bucket telling us all things TOOTHGRINDER! 



Mischievous Mel with TOOTHGRINDER at Carolina Rebellion


TOOTHGRINDER getting a free ride at Carolina Rebellion

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