Whitney Peyton at Northern Invasion interview

Mischievous Mel interviews the Firecracker that is Whitney Peyton at Northern Invasion
Whitney Peyton Mischievous Mel
Mischievous Mel with Whitney Peyton at Northern Invasion

After seeing and interviewing rapper and punk rocker Whitney Peyton at the “So What?!” festival in Grand Prairie, Texas in 2017 we had a feeling we would be seeing her on even bigger stages and festivals in the near future.  Fast forward 14 months and there she was – at Northern Invasion 2018 in Somerset, Wisconsin.

“Firecracker” isn’t just a description of what Ms. Peyton is like on stage, but also the name of her previous album.  That explosive personality isn’t contained to her album’s or her on stage performance – it can be felt in the crowd everytime she body surfs (on or off an inflateable animal) or gets in the pit.
Get to know one of music’s best cross genre artists as Mischievous Mel from The Edge Rock Radio and Tattoo.com talks music, festivals, and ink with Whitney Peyton right here on Tattoo.com! https://www.tattoo.com/blog/interview-whitney-peyton-northern-invasion-18/
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