Corrosion of Conformity On Camera Interview

COC's Woody Weatherman talks with us at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX
Woody Weatherman of Corrosion of Conformity at The Bomb Factory, Dallas

COC (Corrosion of Conformity) is BACK. Props to this band for being one of the only bands that I know of that has bypassed the rules of the way things are done in the music business. By that I mean they have taken over stages and major festivals over the past few years without a new album to promote, flying in the face of how the music business typically works.   But all of that has changed now (at least the “new album” part). COC’S  Woody Weatherman took the time out to chat with ROCKwell UnScene and about the very highly anticipated, long awaited new album ‘No Cross No Crown’, touring, ink, and life in the iconic COC while on tour with Black Label Society and EYEHATEGOD at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX.

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