Rock USA 2018 Festival Recap

Coverage of Rock USA 2018 day 1 bands
Rock USA
Rock U.S.A. 2018, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Rock USA took over Oshkosh, WI for a 3 day festival (all photo’s are from day 1, Thursday July 12th because we left for Inkcarceration Festival that evening).  With a line up on day 1 of Gemini Syndrome (our first time seeing them in 2 years),

Gemini Syndrome

Gemini Syndrome at Rock USA 2018

Pop Evil,

Pop Evil

Pop Evil at Rock USA

DevilDriver (look for our interview with Dez at Inkcarceration coming soon!),


Dez from DevilDriver saluting at Rock USA

Sum 41 (our first time seeing them this year),

Sum 41

Sum 41 at Rock USA






Halestorm at Rock USA 2018

Bush (who we saw 2 days later headlining Inkcarceration in Mansfield, OH),


Bush at Rock USA



Chris Jericho of Fozzy at Rock USA

Like A Storm,

Like A Storm

Like A Storm at Rock USA

and more.

I will be real. It is rare that a festival has a lawn chair pit. But Rock USA is that rare festival that does. I say this because as a music fan I feel that being herded into seperate areas to see the show based on where to sit and or stand takes the festival feel out of the show. Now that I got over that little snafu, I can now get back to the music.
That being said, if you can get past the fact that chairs suck the engery out of the bands performance and has a strange effect on the fans, you can enjoy the music. The lineup was a solid one and props to that. However, if I was the one to choose who decided what band plays what stage I would do my homework. I will say that Gemin Syndrome is a band that not only has a solid fan base, known as “Synners”, but Synners are not just fans, they are a legion. With a mob of Synners in every state and region, Gemini Syndrome is a band that not only holds their own, they are a band that will pull you into their world the first time you see them live. I mention this because for some reason, unkown to me and other Synners we were shocked that Gemmini Syndrome was put on the beer tent stage. Now, if this band did not have huge tours under their belt, a new album out and in my opion a band that will step into the spot of who is next, this would not be a big deal. So I am going to get real – What the F**k was that all about? Now that I have that rant done, I will let you know Gemini Syndrome did what they always do. They destroyed the stage and I got to be side and back stage to experience it.
Gemini Syndrome

Gemini Syndrome playing the beer tent stage at Rock USA

I do have to give props to the stage layout and the staff. They were both on par of awesome. But to be fair, there are at least 3 other festivals at the same time and they know what bands to put on what stages. My advice – do your homework. The WI region has a huge Synner fan base so I know I am not the only one who was shocked and pissed at this.
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