Badflower Talks No 1 Hit

Badflower goes into depth about their recent number 1 hit single Ghost
Badflower at Rock Allegiance. Pic by Rockwell Anderson

“Thank you for your pain.  We have a number one song now.” That is some of what singer/guitarist Josh Katz of Badflower shares about his personal journey through dark times and a very low place in life.   Out of this pain and heartache, “Ghost”, the number one song he referred to, was born. His bandmates shared with us that they wish they had known how much pain Josh was in, but we’re happy he was able to turn pain into positive.

The guys were so awesome to me (Mischievous Mel). They even brought me coffee (and since I don’t drink wine, I refer to coffee as “Jesus Juice”), they made me laugh till it hurt, and they touched my heart and soul with the raw truth and emotion of their life so far in the music world so greatly that at one point I wanted to cry.

Who is Badflower? Let me introduce them to you: Singer/guitarist Josh Katz,


Badflower’s Josh Katz. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

lead guitarist Joey Morrow,


Badflower lead guitarist Joey Morrow. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

bass guitarist Alex Espiritu,


Badflower bassist Alex Espiritu. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

and drummer Anthony Sonetti (looking sassy in his official Rockwell Anderson Record Store hat).


Badflower drummer Anthony Sonetti. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

Tune in here and listen to what they tell us (Mischievous Mel, Rockwell Anderson and Metal Mars) at Rock Allegiance in Camden, NJ.  Hear their #1 single “Ghost” and get more pics at

Written by Melissa “Mishievous Mel” Anderson

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