Greta Van Fleet Marches on with ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’

Anthem of the Peaceful Army arrives Friday October 19th
Greta Van Fleet
Greta Van Fleet's 'Anthem of the Peaceful Army'
Greta Van Fleet fans – the wait is finally almost over. The band’s debut full length album, ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’ will be dropping October 19th. So what does this uber highly anticipated album have to offer?
Currently I am crossing the country in between the Rock Allegiance Festival in Camden, NJ and Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA, taking a moment to pre-listen to the album a I write this. So far my favorite has been “Your The One”. It is a softer cut, but me being the hopeless romantic that I am, it is lifting my lighter (not my phone) high in the air and waving it to and fro.
Don’t let words like “softer cut” and “hopeless romantic” give you the idea that this album does not pack a punch. “When the Curtain Falls” is stacked from top to bottom with powerful riffs intertwined with the classic rock vocals that flow smoother than chocolate silk.
To be honest, “Age of Man”, the first track, will have you hooked and have you begging for more. And that is what this Greta Van Fleet album is – MORE. More depth in lyrics and more power, all of it showcasing a band that has more to let the world see and hear than their breakthrough EP.
For those fans out there who already know the greatness of Greta Van Fleet, I promise this album goes above and beyond that expectation and shows that the boys have more to give on all levels and they have met the bar – and raised it again.
If you are new to Greta Van Fleet they are: vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka, (all brothers) and drummer Danny Wagner. The guys may be young in age but their soul and spirit rise above their ages, proving that true talent and passion have no age limits. If you are fan of the music styles of bands like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and Cream, then Greta Van Fleet is your band. They are the reincarnation of these bands, infusing the sounds of blues, soul, funk and folk music. A play of this album will take you back to the days that Rock and Roll was young, pure, and King of the music world.
Now that you know the who and the what save the date and scoop up your copy of  Anthem Of The Peaceful Army by Greta Van Fleet out October 19th on Lava Records.
Written by Melissa “Mischievous Mel” Anderson,
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