Aftershock 2018 Breaks Another Record

Mischievous Mel with Metal Mars and Rockwell Anderson cover another sold out Aftershock
Vinnie Paul
Fans playing tribute to both Dime and Vinnie at Aftershock 2018. Photo by Metal Mars

A few things were very typical about Aftershock 2018.  It was another year being sold out.  It was another year that broke an attendance record.  It was another year of epic bands (which is the main reason it sells out every year).  Sadly, what made Aftershock this year different was that HELLYEAH did not play, but instead their scheduled set time was used for a memorial to the late and one of the greatest drummers of all time, Vinnie Paul.

Organized by Jose Mangin, the Vinnie Paul Tribute featured members of Godsmack, Sevendust, KYNG, KORN, GWAR, Kyle Sanders of HELLYEAH, and many more.  “Murphy’s Law” was in full force for Mischievous Mel and myself, Rockwell Anderson, because our vehicle broke down the previous night 90 miles south of Sacramento and we didn’t arrive on site until almost 2 hours after the tribute had concluded.  Fortunately for everyone, Metal Mars was there to capture it all go down for The Edge Rock Radio and (pictures are in the gallery below).

Enjoy the photo’s as well as our interview with Brandon Mendenhall (already published on as well as a couple other interviews coming soon that you can’t miss.

Written by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson,

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