From Ashes to New talks about Love is Louder

Mischievous Mel talks with Matt and Mat about their Love is Louder campaign
From Ashes to New
From Ashes to New performing live at Rock on the Range 2018. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

Rock Allegiance in Camden, New Jersey hosted some of the biggest and most badass bands in the music scene, among them was From Ashes to New. This is not the first time, second, third, or fourth time the guys took time out to chat with us. Most of the time we joke around and have huge laughs. But this interview focused on a subject that is near and dear to the band’s heart.

Through personal experiences and being a dad, lead vocalist and founding member Matt Brandybery along with drummer Mat Madiro took this occasion to talk with us to go deeper than they’ve ever gone in the past. They talked about personal experiences from being bullied and why they were teaming up with “Love is Louder”, did a Go Fund Me campaign and a special event, that was free, with Papa Roach in support of the cause. When I asked about the new music and tour, Matt tells me that the main reason for our interview was to talk about the cause and yes, the music is good but…. well hear it word for word here as he talks with me Mischievous Mel of and Edge Rock Radio.

Written by Rockwell Anderson. Video by Metal Mars.

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