Russell Koontz talks Kozmo Kings and New Single

Austin based vocalist Russell Koontz gives the inside scoop about his new single Her Name is Rain
Kozmo Kings
Russell Koontz performing solo. Contributed photo

When poetry, life stories, and unfiltered emotions are set to vocals that are so heart-stiring and awe inspiring that you get chills at first listen, it can only be the one and only… Russell Koontz of the Kozmo Kings! “Her Name Was Rain” is so chillling I played it over and over. You will too. It is the first song on this project from the Austin, Texas based crooner. Vocals like this that penterate the heart and soul and not just the ears is rare. In truth, I have heard literally thousands of singers over the years and few are at this level – like less than 10. Recently he opened up about this song, this project, and all things Kozmo Kings. So from his hands to your eyes, here’s what he had to say..

When answering the question who I am? I still have trouble answering that. I’ve had an off and on relationship with music over the last 20 years. Although I’ve always kept writing either poetry, stories, music and lyrics I did it, most of time, in isolation. It was me and my dog as an audience. I was in a band in California in my early twenties called Neverluke and walked away after a bad record label experience, and a tumultuous personal relationship but I never stopped writing and playing the guitar. Almost 15 years later I formed another band, that’s where we met, Melissa, when I formed Kozmo. It was an awesome experience but personalities, another bad record deal and a lot of my hang ups split the band apart when I decided to move to Austin TX on a whim and start my life over. In a short time we wrote some amazing music and I’m glad to have it on tape but it was time to move on and push towards songwriting, publishing and performing in a smaller scale. So I guess the truest statement I can make is that I’m figuring out who I am as an artist and a person too, I guess, finally letting go of the reigns so tight. After Kosmo I took a couple mores years off and really concentrated on a more malleable way to write songs and poetry to connect to others. The first song I have written, recorded and released is ‘Her name was Rain. It has a lot of special meaning to me. It is about a man that meets the love of his life during the worse struggles of his life. These two come together unexpectedly like the Rain and realize they don’t want to be without each other..

One of the neatest things about music is the connections you make. I can’t say o know a better musician then my friend, musical genius and partner in crime, Mike Lopez. We met in my early twenties and he saw something in me back then I have just started to embrace. Our plan is continue to write individually and together to create one Hell of a songwriting duo. We also plan to record more singles and eventually an album. The two of us will begin playing shows as ‘The Kozmo Kings this January in LA during the NAMM show and hope to get some tour dates in the not so distant future as we keep exploring publishing and Radio. We want to make a big splash and put storytelling in front of audiences and really try to connect with our music.

That my friends is everything from the horses mouth, I want to finsish by saying you may not know him YET but you will. With music this powerful it fills the sould and will sure to fill venues. Stay tuned and take a listen and share,share, share!
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