Chris Warner Goes on The Edge with Mischievous Mel

Former Butcher Babies drummer Chris Warner catch up aboard ShipRocked to talk about playing with The Stowaways and much more
Chris Warner
Chris Warner jumping on the mic with Alex from Atreyu during ShipRocked 2019

For us, there’s few things more fun to see than members from different bands attending shows and being fans of other bands.  We used to see Vinnie Paul all the time at shows he wasn’t playing.  The same with Chris Kael from Five Finger Death Punch.  Chris Warner, formerly of the Butcher Babies, is also one of those guys.

It had been a quick minute since we last saw Chris, but we were very happy to catch up with him aboard ShipRocked 2019.  This year he was part of the All Star Jam Band “The Stowaways”, but like usual, we also saw Chris being a fan at different shows, including Atreyu’s set on the main theater stage where Alex – lead vocalist of Atreyu – shared his mic for a few moments.

Sit back, watch, listen, and catch up with all things Chris Warner as he talks with Mischievous Mel at this link…

Chris Warner

Chris and Mischievous Mel aboard ShipRocked 2019



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