Wilson Parties On Aboard ShipRocked 2019

There is no party like a Wilson party and Mischievous Mel gets dos Wilson's on camera aboard ShipRocked 2019
Chad Nicefield of Wilson gets some surfing in during the final performance of ShipRocked 2019. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

Wilson is truly one of the most badass down and dirty, fun rock bands on this planet or any other large rotating rock. The guys are a constant party on and off stage.


Wilson is not of this world… Photo by Rockwell Anderson aboard ShipRocked 2019

When you go to one of their shows you are sure to see a show that will not only make you a fan, but make you forget all the bullshit the world has to offer for a good-time rock out. Wilson had the honor of kicking off ShipRocked 2019, playing the first set as we set sail and closing out the cruise with the last set played. Check them out on their upcoming tour with Steel Panther – a show you do not want to miss. Wilson fans this one is for you. Click this link to watch and hear Mischievous Mel get down with dos Wilson’s https://youtu.be/gTuVTSU3ofI

Written by Melissa “Mischievous Mel” Anderson

Photo’s by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson


Wilson fans come in all ages, forms, and species. Photo by Rockwell Anderson


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