Loud Krazy Love

Loud Krazy Love Film Review

Written by Melissa #MischievousMel Anderson Loud Krazy Love is a movie that changed my life. It spoke to my soul and heart as well as to the music fan...

Written by Melissa #MischievousMel Anderson

Loud Krazy Love is a movie that changed my life. It spoke to my soul and heart as well as to the music fan in me. I was fortunate to see a preview of the film on the ShipRocked 2019 cruise.

After the movie screening, Korn guitaritst Brian “Head” Welch himself did a question and answer session with the audience. Based on the questions that were asked, some who saw it may say it is a movie about faith and finding God. Some may say it is the story of a man who overcame addictions of many kinds and not only beat all of them, but became a role model for others.

Others will tell you it is the story of Korn and the return of Head, and still others will say how it was the tale of a father and daughter healing and becoming a family in the true sense of the word. Yes, it is all of this and more. That is why it is so life changing. It hits many human struggles. It has the power to cross over the lines that separate music fans, “Jesus Freaks”, family, age, race, and beyond.

My experience was both amazing and again, life changing. I walked into the theater. I looked around and some of the attendees in the crowd included Jacoby of Papa Roach… check out Jacoby’s words to Head after the screening at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XScdrjeYXl8 and Mikey from Islander – check out what he had to say to Head at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YxD3Zb8VVc, and so many more of my music heros. My first thougt was “how crazy… I am at a movie with all these people”. Head came out and said a few words to introduce the film, and one thing he said that really stuck out was that he was excited to be there, and nervous about how it would go over with the audience being on a rock and metal cruise.

This was especially noticeable to me since I have met Head before, and despite his mega-super fame, I have never felt so accepted in someones presence. He has an energy about him that puts you at ease almost instantly. He truly is one of the kindest souls I have crossed paths with. This is important so you can understand that when you see this film… you understand his story is painfully real. He is not trying to convert you into any belief, but he also does not shy away or otherwise hide his personal story of faith in God. He does tell you he was saved, how it happened and why.

Now to the film itself. There was footage of Korn on the road, selling out festivals and stadiums worldwide. In this part of the film the other band members talked about how they felt when Head left, and what it did to them on a personal level. Not a spoiler alert – they were not happy, but you won’t see their real thoughts and feelings anywhere else in the detail they give in the film.

Then there was the footage of him with his courageous and beautiful soul that is his daughter, Jennea. Much of the film is centered around Jennea. Her birth, her personal struggles, her family issues and how Brian needed to heal to be there for her and for him. If you are a parent, your heart strings will burst in these parts of the movie.

Then there was the ups and downs that Brian faced from the time he left Korn to his return, life as a millionaire to going broke, becoming a “Jesus Freak” in the music business, his marriage and divorce, and his struggles on a dad level. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone completely remove all filters and expose themselves so honestly as Brian does in this film. It is shocking and one of the reasons why I was in tears most of the movie.

What sets this movie apart from other movies with the same type of topics? Partly what I just said, and the reason I was in tears most of the screening. The RAW and REAL look at what when down. There was NO HOLDING BACK. It is the most honest movie I have seen that can reach so many people in so many ways.

Freshly after the viewing, still with tears and snot on my sleeve, I had a chance to interview Head. I showed him before we started the interview… he got a kick out of it, or was sick, one or both. I laughed, I cried, and in some way my soul changed that day with both seeing the movie and talking to him. We even read out of the Bible. Not a usual thing I do in an interview on a Rock cruise. But this again was a moment that my soul will hold. Click the pic of me (#MischievousMel) with Head below to watch the ineterview.

Mel with Head from Korn aboard ShipRocked 2019

That said, this film needs to be seen by everyone everywhere. So get your copy of Loud Krazy Love now and see a special screening if available in your area.

As an added bonus, check out recent pics of Head performing with Korn at Epicenter Festival in Rockingham, NC by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson.