Aftershock 2017 Recap

Aftershock 2017 was nothing less than Amazing
Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch at Aftersock 2017

Aftershock 2017 wrapped with a lineup that included: Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm, Them Evils, News Year Day, Hollywood Undead, Butcher Babies, Ded, Starset, In This Moment, and many more.  So what scoops do we, Mischievous Mel and Rockwell Anderson of ROCKwell UnScene, have coming for all of you music fans?

Let’s start with this Hollywood Undead


Hollywood Undead says Hello at Aftershock 2017

and the Butcher Babies,


Butcher Babies at Aftershock 2017

who both have albums dropping Oct. 27. They will be performing together in Vegas for the release of both albums. My advice for anyone going to this show is… get ready to be rocked to the core when you see Hollywood Undead take the stage with the bravado of a bull let loose in the Prado. But, it will not end there. The Butcher Babies will be up on that same stage melting your faces. If you want to know what the crowd at Aftershock was treated to, take a listen and get the scoop from both bands coming soon to

In This Moment is a band that likes to keep you on your toes and switch up the set show after show. Today their performance earf*cked the crowed with visuals to match. Aftershock was happy to have this band up in them.


In This Moment at Aftershock 2017

Halestorm took the stage today with another new hairdo for Lzzy, but what wasn’t new is that her and the band delivered another awesome performance. She and her band have come back onto the scene recently and are proving again that they are one hell of a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.


Halestorm at Aftershock 2017

Speaking of Ladies of Music, huge horns up to the one and only New Year’s Day. This band is a band that captivates from the first note dropped. If you are new to the band you stop to see the stunning Ash Costello. But after she starts the set she does more than raise the bar for women of music, she sets it. Judging from the crowd at Aftershock I am not the only one to think this.

new years day

New Years Day at Aftershock 2017

It’s been wayyyyyyy too long since we’ve seen Suicidal Tendencies and their performance on day 2 of Aftershock 2017 reminded us and everyone in attendance that they’re not fading or going away. 


Suicidal Tendencies at Aftershock 2017

We first met Them Evils at Aftershock 2016 and fell in love with them immediately.  One year and many encounters later at festivals around the U.S., we finally got together again on camera.  One of the Evils bares all (technically not all, but let’s just there was a moon sighting around 4pm at Aftershock) for official interview 2 with ROCKwell UnScene & – coming soon.

them evils

Them Evils at Aftershock 2017

Highly Suspect put on a smokin’ hot performance at Aftershock 2017


Highly Suspect at Aftershock 2017

August Burns Red put on a performance of a lifetime.


August Burns Red at Aftershock 2017

Run the Jewels ran away from Aftershock 2017 with a lot of new fans.


Run the Jewels at Aftershock 2017

Yes… through all the darkness and fog, that’s Maynard performing with A Perfect Circle


A Perfect Circle at Aftershock 2017



Gojira at Afters 2017hock

Nine Inch Nails – the band Mischievous Mel sold her soul for – 2x – for tickets in the 1990’s,  headlined Aftershock 2017.


Aftershock headliner NIN

Aftershock is a festival that also includes a Music Experience tour that lets fans see the behind the scene of what happens in the music media area. The tour includes all ages. I got to meet an itty-bitty who at 3 was on her second Aftershock. She was a fan of the music and came from a music family that included 2 older sisters in bands.


Music Experience tour at Aftershock 2017

As you can see, festivals are more than just the music, so be sure to get your tickets for next year’s Aftershock (featuring headliners System of a Down), and until then, enjoy seeing it through our eyes.

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