Carolina Rebellion music festival recap

Carolina Rebellion music festival recap
Heidi gets into the Carolina Rebellion crowd

Carolina Rebellion is THE Monster of all festivals in size and talent. With 4 stages that span the grounds of Charlotte Motor Speedway the festival included a ferris wheel, the Harley Davidson ride experience, jewelry, clothing and blow up couch vendors, a food village with countless spots to get your grub on, The Music Experience, Fuck Cancer and much more.

Fuck Cancer at Carolina Rebellion with the ferris wheel in the background

In terms of music talent, Muse performed their only American Festival set on day 3 of Carolina Rebellion.

Muse headlining day three at Carolina Rebellion

The Rebel himself, Billy Idol, brought down the house with the help of thousands of Rebels.

THE Rebel himself, Billy Idol performing at Carolina Rebellion

Playing tracks from their #1 album ‘Ember’, Breaking Benjamin was clearly a crowd favorite.

Breaking Benjamin performed tracks from Ember at Carolina Rebellion

Other bands that highlighted this epic 3 day weekend included: Queens of the Stone Age.

Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh H takes a cig break during a drum solo

Alice in Chains,

Alice in Chains headlines night one of Carolina Rebellion


Mark Tremonti playing with his solo band at Carolina Rebellion

Five Finger Death Punch,

Ivan Moody with Five Finger Death Punch at Carolina Rebellion


Incubus at Carolina Rebellion

Godsmack, Trivium,

Trivium at Carolina Rebellion


Shinedown at Carolina Rebellion

Parkway Drive,

Parkway Drive at Carolina Rebellion

Bullet For My Valentine,

Bullet for My Valentine at Carolina Rebellion

Cane Hill, Asking Alexandria,

Asking Alexandria at Carolina Rebellion


Palisades at Carolina Rebellion

Butcher Babies,

Carla from the Butcher Babies at Carolina Rebellion

Clutch, Red Fang,

Red Fang at Carolina Rebellion

Halestorm, New Years Day, He is Legend,

He Is Legend at Carolina Rebellion

Code Orange Them Evils, Joyous Wolf,  Toothgrinder,

TOOTHGRINDER getting a free ride at Carolina Rebellion

Jelly Roll and Struggle Jennings,

Struggle Jennings, Mischievous Mel, and Jelly Roll at Carolina Rebellion

STP, and Counterfeit. That is just a taste of who played on the 4 stages. Allow me, Mischievous Mel and and Rockwell Anderson to be your virtual tour guide of all thing Carolina Rebellion as they happened for us. Always remember that festivals can be tailored to you as to how you want them to roll out, so your music adventure will differ than ours and epic events are subject to change.

Beware of the dick-heads in the crowd

On the interview front, we had the opportunity to share the mic with Tremonti, He is Legend, Parkway Drive, Asking Alexandria,Toothgrinder, Bad Wolves,
and Jelly Roll and Struggle Jennings. So what did they have to say? You will have to tune in to find out, but I promise we cover everything from weight loss to threesomes and even a bit about music and ink.

Jelly Roll performing at Carolina Rebellion

Corey Taylor from Stone Sour get “The Show Must Go On” award. After he pulled his left caft muscle during the second song of their set, Corey hobbled his way through the rest of the set instead of just mailing it in.  Much respect.

Corey Taylor of Stone Sour and Slipknot fame pulls his left calf muscle at Carolina Rebellion

Huge props to DWP, AEG, and Monster Energy for having not only having so many icons of music on the stage at one festival, but such a large diversity of music that had something for everyone on the Rock ‘n Roll scale.
I can’t leave out some of my favorite experiences at festivals. They include the FYE tent where I dropped rent money to score all vinyl must haves. That is how much swag I scooped up. Then there is the Zippo sessions where I got to hear my bands strip down to acoustic and melt my heart. That is where I fell in love with Counterfeit, a new band that has chilling vocals and sexy accents.
I am a huge fan of The Music Experience where I can not only see fans and bands jamming on instruments, but where I can take a jam on them myself. It is also a place where signing and meet and greets go down.  For me a surreal experience was walking to The Music Experience to see what was happening, and on my way I ran into Witt, lead vocals for Cane Hill and he stopped and chatted. Not going to lie – it was a huge fan girl moment.
Then when I got in the tent there was Them Evils hanging with fans doing a quick Jam and just being fun.  This ladies and gents is why a festival is so much more than bands on a stage. It is a experience beyond any other.

Them Evils celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style at Carolina Rebellion

Afterwards I left that to to head to the Fuck Cancer tent. So what is Fuck Cancer? It is a non profit that gives terminal cancer patients their rock and roll dreams, allowing them to meet their favorite bands and get side stage. I have seen what they do first hand and how the cancer patients, of all ages, come to life. It is one of the most heart changing moments you can see.
Speaking  of experiences that are awesome and new this year, was the Harley Ride experience. What pairs well with hard and heavy music? How about hard and heavy bikes that are right on site.

Harley Davidson ride experience and henna tattoos at Carolina Rebellion

As you can see there is so much wrapped up in the 3 day monster of a beast of festivals, Carolina Rebellion you have to be there to really understand. For all info on camping, tickets and lineups when they are announced for next year, go to the Carolina Rebellion page on Facebook or Also stay tuned to ROCKwell Radio on Edge Rock Radio and to Horns up and see your pretty face at Carolina Rebellion next year.
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