Nothing More

Exclusive Tour Bus Interview with Daniel Oliver – Nothing More

Mischievous Mel gets on the tour bus with Daniel Oliver from Nothing More
Nothing More

Did you ever wonder who was the mastermind behind the magical metal creations in Nothing More known as the bass rig and now the Scorpion Tail? What did it take to create these brilliant and unique functional art pieces that make Nothing More a truly one of a kind band and experience to see live?

Nothing More

Nothing More’s Jonny Hawkins atop the “Scorpion Tail”. Photo by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

Meet Daniel Oliver – the man behind the machines and the bassist of Nothing More.  During our in-depth tour bus interview, we were able to dive into the mechanics and engineering behind the machines, the music and meanings behind several tracks from their latest album ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’, plus the ink and scars of Nothing More.

I had to ask about “Fade In  Fade Out”, one of my favorite songs on the album.  Dan goes into detail about the song that I compare to a modern day version of “Cats in the Cradle’.

Nothing More

Nothing More bassist Daniel Oliver. Photo by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

If you want the full scoop, watch and listen as Dan takes time out before hitting the stage in Chicago with Five Finger Death Punch, and Breaking Benjamin.

Written by Melissa “Mischievous Mel” Anderson

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