Badflower Rocks the Charts and the Boat – ShipRocked 2019

Mischievous Mel talks with Badflower aboard ShipRocked 2019
Badflower performing on ShipRocked 2019. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

There is something very humbling about an interview where a band member, not available at the start of the interview, stops the interview to let you know how much they love to talk with you.  It wasn’t the first interview that a band member came in late, but it was the first time a band member jumped in specifically to express their love for us, and that is why it was so humbling.

Badflower is a band that we have been fans of for a few years, which means before their #1 hit ‘Ghost’ smashed the charts in 2018. We have seen them on every type of stage, from the club (The Troubadour in Hollywood, CA), to festivals such as Rock Allegiance in Camden, NJ, to the high seas on ShipRocked. And just how popular were they on ShipRocked?  Well… our scheduled interview had to be pushed back about 45 minutes because they had the largest meet & greet we’ve ever seen for a single band – about 90 minutes. To put that amount of time in perspective, normally, meet and greets for headliners generally run 45-75 minutes.

We have seen the band go from a good L.A. band trying to fight their way to the next level, to setting the Rock music scene on fire.  Watch and listen as we look back on past shows and future tours, chat about the music, the fans, the fun times and the hard times right here


Badflower playing ShipRocked 2019. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

Written by Melissa “Mischievous Mel” Anderson

Photo’s by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

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