Southbay Mike Tattoos a ‘Virgin’ on Film aboard ShipRocked 2019

Blackwater Tattoo owner and ShipRocked tattoo artist Southbay Mike tattoos a ink virgin and a veteran on camera
Southbay Mike
Completed tattoo by Southbay Mike aboard ShipRocked 2019

Official ShipRocked Tattoo artist Southbay Mike and owner of Blackwater Tattoo in Chula Vista, California, proved again that he is/was the hardest working person on ShipRocked.  How many tattoo artists do you know who can work 20+ hours a day, multiple days in a row, and do it on a giant cruise ship?  This guy can and does, in part because of the tremendous demand for his work.  More proof that he’s in high demand – he’s already completely booked for ShipRocked 2020.

What really makes our onboard, on camera interview with Mike different this year is that we also filmed two different people get tattooed (3 total tattoos), one of whom had ZERO tattoos before going under Mike’s gun.  So how did the ‘virgin’ handle it? Check out what Mike has to say about his love for Suicidal Tendencies (who played ShipRocked 2019), bringing high quality work to the high seas and his land based shop, and watch all three tattoo’s happen from paper to finale right here

Southbay Mike

Southbay Mike’s Blackwater Tattoo


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